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Star Trek: Discovery and Non-Violence

Brian and Sam continue their discussion of Star Trek: Discovery season 4, focusing on the issue of non-violent solutions to problems in this series. Why does the choice of non-violence seem so counterintuitive, or even dangerous, to modern audiences? We discuss American culture’s acceptance of escalating violence as legitimate and our fear of returning good for evil. Is Star Trek one of our greatest pop-culture prophets?

Plus we discuss our respective Father’s Days festivities and Brian gets a mandolin.

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Holy Crit! The Hard Lessons Part 2: The Legacy of Mother Ruler

The group concludes their reflections on life in St Destructo’s School, recall some harrowing events, and have some laughs. What will the legacy of Mother Ruler and St Destructo’s be?

This is the conclusion of the live play of The Hard Lessons, a GM-less role-playing and storytelling game created by Joshua Wise. It features Brian and Sam, our friend and fellow gaming geek Michael James as well as Josh.

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Holy Crit! The Hard Lessons, Part 1: Welcome to St Destructo’s

Church of the Geek goes back to school! In The Hard Lessons, four students of a former teacher return when the teacher dies to remember the teacher. In this game, Brian and Sam are joined by the creator of the game, Joshua Wise and their own game master from their D&D game, Michael James.

Join them as they tell the story of Mother Ruler from St. Destructo’s School for Incorrigible and Wayward Youth.

Joshua is the creator of The Hard Lessons and the founder of All Ports Open Network,

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Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery – The Necessity of Us

In this episode, Brian and Sam discuss ST: Discovery season 4. We discuss how problems get solved in Star Trek, the continuing thread of grief running through pop-culture media right now, and Brian gets some Elon Musk stuck in his throat. Sam discusses what Discovery gets right about grief, and Brian contrasts how Booker and Tarka deal with their grief. We discuss the necessity of others in dealing with personal problems such as grief, as well as solving enormous problems such as interplanetary crises.

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Sneak Preview: Holy Crit Returns with Joshua Wise and “The Hard Lessons”

Brian and Sam talk with Joshua Wise, creator of the All Ports Open Network about The Hard Lessons, the new collaborative story telling game that he has created and is currently itch funding. We recently recorded a live-play which will be dropping in the near future. Here we hear about the concept of the game, how it works, and the fun – and challenges – of building fantasy worlds collaboratively.

You can find All Ports Open Network here.  (yes, it is a safe Linktree)
You can go directly to The Hard Lessons Itch funding page here.

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Off The Shelf: New Mutants #25, “Best Laid Plans…”

Review by: Samuel Blair

Hello and welcome to this episode of Church of the Geek: Off the Shelf, our periodic review of new comics. Today I’m reviewing New Mutants #25, “Best Laid Plans…”, written by Vita Ayala, art by Rod Reis and Jan Duursema, color by Ruth Redmond and lettering by Travis Lanham.

Illyana Rasputin has been through some things, but then again so has Madelyne Prior. Madelyne, if you remember, is the clone of Jean Grey created by Mr Sinister who just happened to come life as the real Jean died on the moon and tried to take over the world as the demonic Goblin Queen of Limbo. Illyana, also known by the name Magik, later was tied to the realm of Limbo as its reluctant ruler after the defeat of Madelyne. There is a whole lot more to the history of these two, but as hard as I tried to distill their complicated timelines into a few sentences I found I just couldn’t do it. Suffice it to say that both have seen some tremendous trauma in their lives, including kidnapping, abandonment, betrayal and death, never mind the whole “regent of hell” part.

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