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Moon Knight on Disney+: Did the Scales Balance?

The Disney+ series Moon Knight is finished, so Brian and Sam jump in to discuss! Mental health, devotion and commitment, and Brian volunteering to be one particular deity’s avatar all inside!

And – it’s our 150’th episode! Woo! So many exclamation points!!

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Off The Shelf: Sam reviews Step By Bloody Step


Step by Bloody Step #1-3
Story by Si Spurrier, art by Matias Bergara and Matheus Lopes

Reviewed by Samuel Blair

Step By Bloody Step is a challenge. It’s not only a challenge to read, it’s a challenge to the comics world overall. This wordless drama is a real masterpiece, leaving you often in the same emotional space as the female protagonist: confused, awestruck and ever curious.

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Off The Shelf: Brian reviews Dark Horse Comics’ Daisy #1-5

Brian reviews the 5-issue series Daisy, written and illustrated by Colin Lorimer, colors by Joana Lafuente, and lettering by Jim Campbell, published by Dark Horse. He discusses its relationship to the apocryphal Book of Enoch, especially the mythology of the Nephilim, and the horror of inescapable guilt. Can one be faithful and guilty at the same time?

Interview with Colin Lorimer at AIPT Comics:

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Blessings and Whoa’s!

This week, Sam and Brian take a break to discuss two new geeky things they’ve loved and one they haven’t. We talk Fantastic Four comics, Star Trek, “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, Station 11, and Netflix among other things. What’s a blessing and what’s a whoa? Gotta listen to find out!

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Gods in the MCU: Khonshu and Moon Knight

It’s a new day! Brian and Sam try a new format for episodes, looking to be shorter and tighter on topics. Also, a bit of a new category of episodes, Gods In The (Fill in the Blank Here). Sam and Brian look to explore the ways gods are used in comics and comic-related materials. We hope you all like it!

This episode has us reflect on the first real deity in the MCU, Khonshu from the Moon Knight series.

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To help support the podcast, please visit our Ko-Fi page here: https://ko-fi.com/churchofthegeek

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