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Welcome to the new web page for the Church of the Geek podcast! Here you’ll find our latest episodes of the podcast as well as our “Off The Shelf” comic reviews. If you like what you hear, remember to subscribe and pass us along to your friends!

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Featured post

Movie Review: Eternals

Finally something we disagree about! Brian and Sam discuss the kickoff of the next big MCU arc, Marvel’s Eternals (no The). Was this too much of a story for one film, albeit a really long one? What does this tell us about our roles in the universe, and who sets those roles? What happens when we think God is wrong, or if what we thought we were told about God is wrong? Is conflict really the only we grow? Was Thanos really helping?

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What If…?

Sam and Brian discuss the Marvel series “What If?”. Sometimes the idea of open possibilities can inspire us. Other times it can paralyze. In discussing the series, they discuss their own “what if” moments in life as well as pivotal moments in church history where one change could have made a world of difference.

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