About Us

Church of the Geek is a podcast aimed at the intersection of Christianity and pop culture. We love comics. We love movies. We grew up with them and continue to enjoy them to this day. More than that, we are both Christian clergy who look for the divine in the comic, and sometimes the comic in the divine.

Our most recent episodes can be found here, and you can even browse the audio archive as well.

Meet the Geeks:

Rev Brian Bennett is Campus Pastor for the Lutheran Campus Ministry in the Oakland suburb of Pittsburgh. Brian is an avid reader, especially of high fantasy and science fiction. Other favorite pastimes include Dungeons and Dragons, comics and movies.

Rev Samuel Blair is a hospice Chaplain for Bridges Hospice in Monroeville, PA. He has been an anime fan for several years, and also enjoys X-Men comics and science fiction movies. Other geeky interests include computers and scale model building.

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