Off The Shelf — Brian Reviews Fantastic Four The Reckoning War Alpha #1

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Brian reviews Fantastic Four The Reckoning War Alpha #1
Written by Dan Slott

Art by Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz, and Carlos Magno 

Colors by Guru-eFX

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Steve to Sam, Clint to Kate – Passing the Mantle

It’s an extra special episode with two of our favorite people, Janel Baker and Rev. Shayna Watson! Inspired by our discussion of the Hawkeye series, the gang gets together to talk about the topic of “passing the mantle” in comics, movies, academia and the church.


  • the nuances and complexities of passing the mantle(s) in Thor
  • THAT batsuit
  • choosing the mantle vs. being chosen for the mantle
  • Michael Keaton’s eyes
  • comparing the prophet Samuel to Tony Stark
  • choosing new voices in academia
  • accepting the mantle without losing your identity
  • how do congregations pass the mantle of leadership well?
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Hawkeye: Secrets, Lies and Track Suits

Brian and Sam discuss the Marvel series Hawkeye, delving into the areas of grief, memory and secrets. Plus, Sam loves Kingpin’s Hawaiian shirt, Brian loves larpers, and we both process Rogers: The Musical.

There’s a lot to discuss about how we process grief as a community, how we sanitize our history, and the importance of nuance in looking at the world and the church.

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Off The Shelf: Primordial #3

For this week’s Off The Shelf, Sam reviews Primordial #3, part of the new sci-fi limited series by the creative team behind the award-winning Gideon Falls: Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino, and Dave Stewart.

Link referenced in this episode: Major Printing and Distribution Problems Hitting Comics Industry (

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