Off The Shelf: X-Men #12, “Controlled Demolition”

Hello this is Sam with Church of the Geek, reviewing X-Men #12, “Controlled Demolition”.

Story by Gerry Duggan, art by Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia, and letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles

Remember way back in House of X #1 where Magneto said “you have new gods now”? Turns out he meant it.

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Star Trek: Discovery and Non-Violence

Brian and Sam continue their discussion of Star Trek: Discovery season 4, focusing on the issue of non-violent solutions to problems in this series. Why does the choice of non-violence seem so counterintuitive, or even dangerous, to modern audiences? We discuss American culture’s acceptance of escalating violence as legitimate and our fear of returning good for evil. Is Star Trek one of our greatest pop-culture prophets?

Plus we discuss our respective Father’s Days festivities and Brian gets a mandolin.

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