Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery – The Necessity of Us

In this episode, Brian and Sam discuss ST: Discovery season 4. We discuss how problems get solved in Star Trek, the continuing thread of grief running through pop-culture media right now, and Brian gets some Elon Musk stuck in his throat. Sam discusses what Discovery gets right about grief, and Brian contrasts how Booker and Tarka deal with their grief. We discuss the necessity of others in dealing with personal problems such as grief, as well as solving enormous problems such as interplanetary crises.

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Hawkeye: Secrets, Lies and Track Suits

Brian and Sam discuss the Marvel series Hawkeye, delving into the areas of grief, memory and secrets. Plus, Sam loves Kingpin’s Hawaiian shirt, Brian loves larpers, and we both process Rogers: The Musical.

There’s a lot to discuss about how we process grief as a community, how we sanitize our history, and the importance of nuance in looking at the world and the church.

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