Moon Knight on Disney+: Did the Scales Balance?

The Disney+ series Moon Knight is finished, so Brian and Sam jump in to discuss! Mental health, devotion and commitment, and Brian volunteering to be one particular deity’s avatar all inside!

And – it’s our 150’th episode! Woo! So many exclamation points!!

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Gods in the MCU: Khonshu and Moon Knight

It’s a new day! Brian and Sam try a new format for episodes, looking to be shorter and tighter on topics. Also, a bit of a new category of episodes, Gods In The (Fill in the Blank Here). Sam and Brian look to explore the ways gods are used in comics and comic-related materials. We hope you all like it!

This episode has us reflect on the first real deity in the MCU, Khonshu from the Moon Knight series.

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Hawkeye: Secrets, Lies and Track Suits

Brian and Sam discuss the Marvel series Hawkeye, delving into the areas of grief, memory and secrets. Plus, Sam loves Kingpin’s Hawaiian shirt, Brian loves larpers, and we both process Rogers: The Musical.

There’s a lot to discuss about how we process grief as a community, how we sanitize our history, and the importance of nuance in looking at the world and the church.

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