Blessings and Whoa’s!

This week, Sam and Brian take a break to discuss two new geeky things they’ve loved and one they haven’t. We talk Fantastic Four comics, Star Trek, “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, Station 11, and Netflix among other things. What’s a blessing and what’s a whoa? Gotta listen to find out!

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Steve to Sam, Clint to Kate – Passing the Mantle

It’s an extra special episode with two of our favorite people, Janel Baker and Rev. Shayna Watson! Inspired by our discussion of the Hawkeye series, the gang gets together to talk about the topic of “passing the mantle” in comics, movies, academia and the church.


  • the nuances and complexities of passing the mantle(s) in Thor
  • THAT batsuit
  • choosing the mantle vs. being chosen for the mantle
  • Michael Keaton’s eyes
  • comparing the prophet Samuel to Tony Stark
  • choosing new voices in academia
  • accepting the mantle without losing your identity
  • how do congregations pass the mantle of leadership well?
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The Matrix: Resurrections

Brian and Sam review the newest addition to the Matrix series, The Matrix: Revelations. The original trilogy drew a lot on biblical issues and themes, does this movie follow on those same themes? What does it have to say about the nature of identity, how we see ourselves and how God sees us? How have our discussions of reality changed since 1999? And … was Brian wrong about something?

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Movie Review: Eternals

Finally something we disagree about! Brian and Sam discuss the kickoff of the next big MCU arc, Marvel’s Eternals (no The). Was this too much of a story for one film, albeit a really long one? What does this tell us about our roles in the universe, and who sets those roles? What happens when we think God is wrong, or if what we thought we were told about God is wrong? Is conflict really the only we grow? Was Thanos really helping?

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