Helm, Ruby and Sand: We Discuss Netflix’ Sandman episodes 1-5

Brian and Sam enter the Dreaming to discuss the first five episodes of the Netflix show Sandman, based on the comic written by Neil Gaiman.  Setting the tale in a dream world gives Gaiman a great deal of freedom in writing. We discuss Gaiman’s brand of storytelling in relation to other Christian writers as well as the Bible, and also the value of being able to write your story into the story of Christ. We also discuss some parallels between Morpheus’ story and Jesus’. Plus, Brian’s garden is formidable, Sam finds Cain and Abel charming, and yes Morpheus is based a little bit on The Cure’s Robert Smith.

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Jane the Worthy: Revisiting Jason Aaron’s “Thor” Arc

In this episode (welcome to season 6 by the way) Sam and Brian revisit Thor: Love and Thunder, this time focusing on the character of Jane Foster. We both felt the film left a lot on the table regarding Jane and her worthiness to be Thor, and a dive into Jason Aaron’s Thor series reveals so much more about her struggles with faith and ultimately her worthiness. She serves as a great counterpoint to both Gorr the God-butcher and Thor Odinson. Even if you’re not a big Thor reader, this comic is well worth your time. Plus we talk about resonances with the story of Jesus, and Brian still questions why Sam hasn’t watched The Umbrella Academy.

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To Boldly Go: Destiny and Fate in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Throughout the fantastic first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, one of the major plot threads, if not the biggest thread, is Captain Pike struggling with the foreknowledge of his future death. Brian and Sam discuss this new offering to the Star Trek world and that meaty topic of fate and determinism. Plus we discuss that hair, trusting the path that you’re on, and Sam tries again to pronounce Villeneuve.

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Thor: Love and Thunder

Brian and Sam discuss Thor: Love & Thunder along with the hefty theological question of where is God in the face of suffering? While Love and Thunder is distinctly a comedy, it still touches on the deep topics of theodicy, suffering and meaning – though it’s less than perfect. We discuss the distinctions between the film and Jason Aaron’s source comic run, how we answer questions about suffering, and how we struggle with faith when those answers aren’t forthcoming or acceptable. Plus, we sing a little They Might Be Giants.

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