The Dollar Bin: The Final Frontier with Dr James McGrath

Sam and Brian are each off boldly going on adventures to strange new worlds (mostly involving college move-in days). To continue our mission of faithfully discussing cool geeky content, we offer this excellent dollar bin episode from July 2020 with Dr. James McGrath as we discuss our shared love of Star Trek.

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To Boldly Go: Destiny and Fate in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Throughout the fantastic first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, one of the major plot threads, if not the biggest thread, is Captain Pike struggling with the foreknowledge of his future death. Brian and Sam discuss this new offering to the Star Trek world and that meaty topic of fate and determinism. Plus we discuss that hair, trusting the path that you’re on, and Sam tries again to pronounce Villeneuve.

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Star Trek: Discovery and Non-Violence

Brian and Sam continue their discussion of Star Trek: Discovery season 4, focusing on the issue of non-violent solutions to problems in this series. Why does the choice of non-violence seem so counterintuitive, or even dangerous, to modern audiences? We discuss American culture’s acceptance of escalating violence as legitimate and our fear of returning good for evil. Is Star Trek one of our greatest pop-culture prophets?

Plus we discuss our respective Father’s Days festivities and Brian gets a mandolin.

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Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery – The Necessity of Us

In this episode, Brian and Sam discuss ST: Discovery season 4. We discuss how problems get solved in Star Trek, the continuing thread of grief running through pop-culture media right now, and Brian gets some Elon Musk stuck in his throat. Sam discusses what Discovery gets right about grief, and Brian contrasts how Booker and Tarka deal with their grief. We discuss the necessity of others in dealing with personal problems such as grief, as well as solving enormous problems such as interplanetary crises.

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